Monday, 5 July 2010

Anyone remember Cool Mints?

What does an 80's sugar free mint that had a tendency to give you the runs if you ate too many have in common with 009 modelling you're probably asking?

Well, cool mints came into my mind the other day while I was pondering how I was going to replicate some of the features of the DZ wagons.

A cool mint looked rather like a polo that hadn't had the hole in the middle punched out properly, and they had very rounded rather than sharp edges too. (You can tell I ate a few sweets as a kid!)

Anyway, I remembered that they looked similar to the drop down doors on the DZ wagons which I had been wondering how to produce in plastic. Easy with brass, of course, you just push inwards and it stays that way. But I 'don't do' brass.

My solution is going to be to have a rectangle with a hole in the middle glued over another piece of styrene and blend down the edges with the tip of a scalpel until it looks like one pressed-in piece of material.

Here's my test piece. You can judge for yourself if you think it works.

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