Wednesday, 4 August 2010


My client asked for some extra details to be added to his ex-SAR ballast wagons - always happy to oblige.

The main vaccum pipe which runs the length of the wagon has been included now. It's quite a satisfying piece to make with 6 bends in a long run of brass rod.

I've also put on the bars which run underneath the frame at each end. I'm not sure what these are actually for. Are they supposed to act as re-railing bars, like those on the FR locomotives?

By my reckoning that's these two ballast wagons finished and once the DZ's are ready they can all be surrendered to the tender mercies of the Royal Mail. Will anyone ever see them again???

(In case anyone reading this is a postie I'm not going to apologies for that little dig. This morning I have had one of those 'Sorry You Were Out' cards through my letter box even though I've been in all morning and the doorbell was never rung. It couldn't possibly be that they never took the recorded delivery item out on the round with them, could it?)

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