Monday, 6 September 2010


There's been some steady progress to report in the build of Observation Carriage 100.

The detailing has been completed on both bodysides and the glazed observation saloon end piece. The main outstanding item is making up and fitting the corridor connection pieces for the other end. Then they can be glued together into a box shape and it will finally start to look like a carriage body.

As I explained in an earlier post, each bodyside is a three-layered laminate. What I'm showing you here this time is the third layer, which gets put on the inside (or the back) of the bodysides and represents things like window droplights or blanked-out panels.

In these pictures you can see how this third layer of the sandwich is seen from the outside of the carriage and also what has been glued on behind to create the effect.

As you can see, the work on the reverse side is a lot rougher and less exact than on the viewing side. Just like going backstage at a theatre or film set all that matters is what the audience sees.

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