Monday, 16 July 2012


Regular readers of the Bron Hebog blog will know that I have been experimenting with resin casting to make myself a fleet of ex-SAR DZ wagons, of which there are a number on the WHR.

I've had a number of enquiries from other modellers interested in these but as resin casting is a new technique to me I wanted to wait to see how the first one would turn out, and how reliably I would produce reasonable quality castings, before committing myself to producing some for sale.

This picture shows the first wagon I assembled from the castings.

In this picture below are the main components of the 'kit' which can be supplied which is composed of triple-door wagon sides, ends and a one piece floor casting with vacuum cylinder and reservoir.

There are also some small cast components (not shown) which can be assembled with 0.5mm brass wire to represent the brake gear.

Here you can see a picture of one my wagons which has also been fitted with SAR-style hand brake wheels which I had left over from a previous wagon project.

If there is sufficient interest I will look into the possibility of getting some more of these etched to supply with the castings.

I do not intend to supply bogies or wheels with the kit, but once again, if there is demand, I could investigate getting some etches designed and produced with both the hand wheels and basic bogie frames.

Because of this I would not be able to confirm a price for a castings & etches combo but I am currently in a position to supply the resin castings for a wagon body for £20.

DISCLAIMER: Resin casting by its nature is an inherently less reliable method of manufacture than injection moulding or etching metal and it is impossible to guarantee that parts supplied will not contain some blemishes produced as a result of air bubbles in the resin.  However I will pledge not to sell a customer any part that I would not be prepared to use on one of my own models.  Can I say fairer than that?

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