Sunday, 28 October 2012


I am delighted to be able to announce the official launch of our first OO9 kit for the ex-SAR DZ wagons, a number of which can be found running on the Welsh Highland Railway.

As you can see below what you get in the kit is resin castings for the sides, ends, chassis and some very thin castings for the distinctive bulges on the inner faces of the doors.

You also get an etched brass fret with fold-up bogie frames, basic brake gear components and the SAR hexagonal handbrake wheels.

To complete the kit you need to obtain wheels, pinpoint bearings and couplings all of which can be found on the excellent Parkside Dundas website, as well as 10BA nuts/bolts to secure the bogies.

The kit is being sold for £20 and is being produced in limited run batches. The first batch of 30 is almost sold out.

Email us at to enquire about availability or to reserve your kits in the next production run.

These kits are also going to be available from the Ffestiniog Railway's own shop.

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