Sunday, 31 August 2014


A generous proportion of the proceeds from the sale of every Boston Largs Works kit is being donated to the fund to restore FR Large England 'Welsh Pony' in time for its 150th anniverary in 2017. This graphic proudly features on the front of our instructions leaflet.

The kits have been selling like hot cakes in the FR shop at Porthmadog this summer and its wonderful to see that the funds we've been able to contribute are leading to the first steps being taken in making the locomotive fit for service again.

It goes without saying that an enormous amount of work likes ahead to put a locomotive that last steamed in the 1930's into traffic again but, for me, the saddle tank is the most iconic part of an FR England engine so it's really exciting to the old rusted sections being replaced using traditional methods.

A real case of turning resin into rivets.

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